We all always hear the word adobe when building a wall or a house or even an establishment. This an old type of building and house material that is very easy to obtain and use and at the same time it is time tested and prove very reliable and can last longer. Most of the tallest buildings in the world started with the use of adobe in their structural design for the building. They would use of course the scaffolding London to reach the upper top area of the building. Using this adobe type of stone could give people so much of the advantages of it. It can be a good and durable type of stone that can resist the hotness of the weather and the coldness of the climate. No matter your area is prone to rain or very sunny weather condition. They would be there standing and protect you from possible disasters and calamities like the typhoon and strong wind. Here are some of the preparation steps and bright ideas in making and building a wall made of adobe. 

  1. Look for an available area or space where you can actually work and dry the bricks that you are going to make. Make sure that it is a safe place as you would be using it for almost a month in making this kind of thing.  
  1. Of course, you have to secure a good place where you can mix your sand, the water and even the clay. You may create a wall for this where you can put all the materials needed and mix them together. You can use some blocks and then set them up in a square. Make sure that they would not be very high. It is ok to have two levels only so that you can mix and get access there easily.  
  1. You also need to do a test which is commonly called as jar test to know the possible suitability of the land and the soil at the same time. You may get a clear plastic bottle and then put some soil in there. Don’t fill it with too much. A half of the bottle would be enough. Then pour some water almost a half of it as well. Then, do the shaking process for a couple of minutes. Don’t open it until you have it overnight. You will be shocked of the possible structures inside the bottle as you can see the different parts are fallen into their right bands. Different layers would be seen there from the big rocks or stones to the separated sand and clay. 
  1. You also need to know if how big the wall you are going to make. This is very important so that you can get the right estimation and expenses for your wall.  
  1. Don’t forget to buy and shop for the materials that you are going to use for the walls. You would need sand, clay and even some bricks to make it even sturdy.